Team Criteria

There are a great number of benefits of being a Team TEA-riffic member, but with the commitment from our side also comes a commitment from your side.  To benefit from our Rewards & Recognitions program,  our training and empowerment program as well as all our support systems and structures you will need to complete the following within the first 6 months of joining.  None of these tasks are unreasonable or unachievable and each one is aimed directly at assisting you and your business to grow and reach phenomenal success.

It is compulsory to be a member of this group - should you leave the group by own free will then we will assume that you no longer wish to be a member of Team TEA-riffic and you will then forfeit any benefits, rewards points and be removed from all platforms. Should you be deactivated by Home Office, lose your title as a Team TEA-riffic member or indicate that you no longer wish to sell Annique or be a member of the team then you will be remove from the Group. You will receive the link to join this group via the automated WhatsApp program (Hannelie / Hailey). Because of the size of our team and the membership limitations by Whatsapp - we have more than one of these groups - but all posts are duplicated.
The disclaimer points out the mutual responsibilities between team leader, sponsor and consultant - as well as basic conditions that need to be agreed to before membership to the team is validated. You will receive the link to the disclaimer form via the automated WhatsApp program (Hannelie / Hailey).
Once you have been added to Team TEA-riffic you will be added to our Exclusive Team TEA-riffic website. You will receive an email with your login details - but by rule of thumb your Username will be your consultant number Password is Team@TEA-riffic8 (exactly like that). Website address is Please do not try and change the password - the feature is not foolproof. You will need to update your profile and include a profile picture and all the other necessary details. If you are not sure how to do this please click on this link: If you cannot access the website then please click on this link: Once you have completed your profile update please click on this link and send it together with a screenshot of your updated profile:
Known as Hannelie (in Afrikaans) and Hailey (in English) this program will provide you will all the links you need to access the various platforms and will also share a wealth of information with you that we know through experience the majority of newly registered consultants will want to know. If you follow the guidelines on how to work with the system you will flow through the program effortlessly, quickly and without any frustration. As with any technological system - glitches can occur - these need to be reported to the team leader ASAP according to the requested manner in the guidelines sent. You are given a total of 3 months to complete the program but need to start it within 2 days. Your progress is recorded (started, quarter of the way, half way, three quarters & completed) If you feel lost, or are very far behind, and would like to start the Automated WhatsApps from scratch - please click here: Hannelie issues: Hailey issues:
We have a set of automated training emails. They are designed to be sent after you have opened the previous one - so you will never get bogged down with too many unread emails. These emails contain topics around product ranges, ailments, individual products, business tips, selling tips, customer acquisition and retention, Annique success guide, marketing & advertising, social media, earnings, branding, pamper parties etc. You will receive the link to register for these emails via Hannelie / Hailey. You have 14 days to join the system and a total of 270 days to complete them - although they can be easily worked through in less than 60 days. Your progress is recorded (started, quarter of the way, half way, three quarters & completed)
Annique Home Office has a training Academy which can be accessed via your Annique portal. It is a mammoth wealth of information where you will find anything you need to know about any product and any ailment. Annique has program that you can follow for: - Skincare and related products Bodycare and related products Lifestyle and related products You will receive a certificate upon completion of each program. Once you have worked through these 3 programs you will have acquired extensive knowledge of the most important and popular products in the Annique range. We give you 90 days to complete all 3 certificate which amounts to 1 certificate a month. Once you have completed them please click on the links below together with a screenshot of your certificate. Skin Care Certificate: Body Care Certificate: Lifestyle Certificate:
Attend at least ONE ZOOM Meeting or Training in a 3 month cycle. There are a minimum of 4 ZOOM's being offered each month (most months there are 6, excluding leaders meetings, meet & greets etc) which amounts to about 15 in a 3 month cycle of which you only need to attend one. All upcoming ZOOMS can be viewed and booked at one of the following two links
We have 3 Facebook groups in our team, each one is exclusively for Team TEA-riffic members and each one has a separate aim. Our team leaders assist in keeping these groups up to date. Team TEA-riffic Facebook Group Announcement board and where general topics relating directly to the team are posted. Nothing from this group can be reposted to the public. Marketing & Advertising Facebook Group Anything and everything on this group may be downloaded and reposted wherever and however you deem fit. Just make sure that the advertised product is still available and that any pricing is still applicable Facts, Questions & Answers There is a huge library of Questions and Answers on this group - we encourage members to make use of the search option; ~ if no answer is found then you are welcome to post a question which will be answered by one of our team members as soon as possible. If the question has already been asked and answered then you will be informed accordingly ~ then please make use of the search option. The links to these 3 groups will be given to you via the automated Whatsapp program (Hannelie / Hailey) When joining a group it is imperative that all questions are answered and the rules are accepted - failing which your request to join will be deleted. You have a 10 day timeframe in which to join these groups. Should you leave a group by own free choice then the task will noted as not completed.
Our public website - Rooibos-Miracle - has a tab where potential customers can find the consultant in our team closest to their current location. It works on a geo-tagging / location. You will receive a link to apply to be added to this map via the automated WhatsApp program (Hannelie / Hailey) and via one of the training emails. This website ranks quite highly on Google, and is thus the perfect place to have your details should someone in your area be wanting to purchase Annique products. If you do not want your information to be public for personal reasons please inform us accordingly.
Making use of a work email address for Annique creates the perception that you are just doing Annique on the side-line as a hobby. If you have an Annique related email your potential customers will tend to see your business in a more serious light. You can create any email address using gmail (or any of the other platforms) with the words annique / rooibos / tea / health / beauty in the address name. Once created click on this link and send from your Annique email address: We can also create a OR email account for you - but it all depends on availablity. The automated WhatsApp system as well as the training emails will give you the link to apply for such an email address.
Annique Home Office has their own private Facebook group exclusively for Registered Annique Consultants. Follow the link, complete the questions and you will be accepted to join. Annique posts information on this group which is for registered consultants eye's only. This information is not for the public and not to be copied and used publically. As soon as you have been accepted as a member of this group click on this link and send a screenshot:
In order to show your commitment towards your business and towards our team you need to show consistent growth and involvement. You need to place a minimum of 1 order in the past 3 months. If you are a new consultant who joined in January - then you cannot qualify because you would have needed to place an order in either December, November or October. Therefore it excludes the current month.
If you are serious about earning an additional income then this task will be very easy to achieve. Sell a total of R4000 in a 6 month rolling period. C.S.P stands for Career Sales Points which is the total of all your sales added together during the time frame. It equates to one minimum average order of R700 a month.
If you do not know your way around the monthly Beaute it will be very difficult to assist your customers with regards to products, pricing, specials, solutions, combos etc. We put a fun quiz together each month - you can complete it as many times as you wish until you obtain the minimum requirement of 85%. You need only complete 1 quiz in a 6 month period, as long as you pass it. If you complete a quiz each month you will be entered into a lucky draw each month. Beaute: The Replique is a monthly magazine sent out by Home Office which is filled with inspiration, motivation and knowledge. A very valuable document which makes for interesting reading each month. Replique: We put a fun quiz together each month - you can complete it as many times as you wish until you obtain the minimum requirement of 85% for each of the two quizzes. You need only complete and pass 1 set of quizzes in a 6 month period, If you complete and pass both quizzes each month you will be entered into a lucky draw each month.


Qualify to Claim Rewards Points

There are a total of 24 tasks in total that need to be completed. For example number 6 above actually comprises of 3 tasks. You receive 1 point for each tasks completed OR if you have not reached your time-frame given you also receive 1 point irrespective of whether the tasks is completed or not. In other words: If you have been given 3 months to completed a task and you are still within the 3 month period you receive 1 point,. Should you reach or exceed the 3 months time frame and the task is still not completed then you lose that point. Therefore: You do not have to complete all the tasks within the first week - if you are given 10 days, or 60 days or 3 months then you are NOT penalized if the task is not completed before the time-frame has been reached. Then you ONLY need to have 19/24 points to qualify - so you can have 5 tasks where you have exceeded your time-frame without having completed the task and you will still have qualified
You need to have placed a minimum order of R600 during the month when the sales figures were calculated. Therefore, if you received a statement for January's Final Figures then you need to have placed an order during January. To qualify for number 12 above, January's order is not taken into account. You would have needed to have placed a minimum of 1 order of R600 during October, November & December.
You need to have placed a minimum of one R600 order during any 3 months since joining Annique. If you joined in 2018 and placed an order in January, July and November then you have qualified. If you only joined in January of 2021 then you can only begin to qualify once you have placed 3 monthly orders - excluding the current month. Any consultant who joins less than 3 months before the end of the rewards cycle will have their points carried over to the new cycle.
To qualify as an Active Team TEA-riffic Consultant you need to have attained 60% of the above tasks, within the allocated timeframe; where the same criteria as Number 1 of this section is used.


Qualify to Join Business Builder Group

Completed the Recruiting Disclaimer with the clear understanding and acceptance of each point and condition set out in the disclaimer. You will be held accountable and responsible should you be found to be in breach of the disclaimer. Make sure to click the link in the confirmation email that you receive on completion so that the next step can be given
Once you have clicked the link in the Disclaimer confirmation we will assess whether you qualify to join the recruiting program or not: - according to the following criteria
  • Be a registered Annique Consultant
  • Be a Team TEA-riffic Level 1-3 (level 4 may do the training but their potential consultants are not added to the team)
  • Have CSP of 3000+
  • The disclaimer must have been completed in full and correctly
You will then, and only then, receive a link to register to receive the Training Emails. There are 17 topics but the emails are designed in such a way that you will be able to work through all 17 in less than a week,.
Be an Active Team TEA-riffic Member as per the criteria in the two previous sections above,
Have reached CSP of 3000. CSP - Career Sales Points = the total of all your orders added together from the date you joined Annique.
Recruiting Training ZOOM Part 1 is open to every Level 1-4 team TEA-riffic member; Part 2 is by invitation only. To qualify to attend part 2 you need to be at least 50% of the way through the recruiting emails, and have attended Recruiting Training Part 1.

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